The cork is the final guardian of the wine we have labored hard and long to make as close to perfect as possible. As such, it is hugely important.
I can tell you from my heart that I have never worked with better corks than the ones from Portocork. The only thing possibly better is – the delightful and efficient people we get to deal with there.

We will be with them forever.

Manfred Krankl


“Portocork consistently delivers corks that meet our standards.  We rely on their quality control procedures and at times, re-subject potential lots to our own rigorous sensory screening.  This working relationship gives us the confidence that we are getting the best corks available”

Andy Erickson
Consulting Winemaker


“As a buyer of corks, l put an immense amount of trust in the team at Portocork.  Portocork is deeply committed to maintaining a very high standard of quality and over the years has provided a consistent and reliable product”.

Eric Fidel
Assistant Winemaker, Groth Vineyards and Winery


“Why do I choose Portocork?  On time deliveries, quality cork printing, diligence on finding cork lots without T.C.A., consistency of product, and friendly to deal with”.

Nils Venge
Consulting winemaker
Owner, Saddleback Cellars


Fine wine benefits from being put to bottle with natural cork closures.  In California, we have a plethora of cork suppliers to purchase from, and in my time at Ridge I have worked with just about every single one of them.   It’s abundantly clear to me that Portocork is the finest one I’ve ever worked with, in terms of customer service, delivering excellent quality, and the rarest occurrence of cork taint.    The future for cork looks very bright between Portocork and Ridge.

Eric Baugher
Winemaker Ridge Vineyards

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